What kind of fruit lady are you by name?

Calculate the sum of numbers according to the pinyin of your name. The last digital of this number correspond to your type of fruit.

Pinyin table:

A (1), b (2), c (2), d (2), e (2), f (3), g (1), h (2), i (2), j (2), k (2), l (1), m (2), n (3), o (3), p (3), q (3), r (3), s (2), t (2), u (2), v (2), w (1), x (3), y (1), z (2).

Type of fruits:

The final digit is 1 = apple

The final digit is 2 = lychee

The final digit is 3 = peach

The final digit is 4 = orange

The final digit is 5 = grape

The final digit is 6 = banana

The final digit is 7 = strawberry

The final digit is 8 = pineapple

The final digit is 9 = kiwi

The final digit is 0 = mango

Test results:

  • Lady apple:

Fair and ruddy skin is your charming place, even if fat also good-looking. You are affectionate and gentle. You like children and are good at doing housework. You will be a good mother. Since you are conservative, you tend to dress in mature business clothes, which is easy to get the favor of little boys.

You are good at managing money, serious and focused, and a good employee.

You won’t betray your partner and be loyal to your relationship. You’ll have more female friends and a stable relationship.

You can take a benign risk.

  • Lady lychee:

You’re the kind of woman who enjoys life the most. You are artistic and know how to act. You’re a red Ferrari.

Because you are so outstanding, you don’t have many friends in your life.

You are good at organizing things, a strict person, have quite serious cleanliness. You hate people who don’t like cleanliness. You are usually single and emotionally content. You are always waiting.

You can be alone but not closed.

  • Lady peach:

You’re a good coquetry. If you want to buy a designer bag but your partner won’t let you, you will never give up until you reach your goal.

You’re the most calculating woman, the most crafty spider. You are very polygamous and good at dating with multiple people at the same time. You only love the rich. You want to marry the rich and be rich.

Cleverness may overreach itself.

  • Lady orange:

You are the kind of woman with a cheerful and generous personality. You always have a smile on your face and you’ll be the center of attention everywhere you go.

It’s very comfortable to be with you, and you’ll get men hooked on you. Whether you’re dressed up or dressed down, you look great.

You are the best candidate for wife. Romance often occurs at parties with friends. However, your emotion will last very long.

Don’t be vain. Remember to converge.

  • Lady grape:

You are gentle, caring and secure. Grapes are grain by grain, representing every drop, meticulous.

You are naturally optimistic and always think tomorrow will be better. Youth is sour, but with the growth of years, you will be more and more confident and happy.

You know when the time is right to choose a mature love and follow it through. This kind of woman usually marries late, even after getting married seems to be in love. They are intellectually curious, always passionate about their careers and love.

Don’t be complacent.

  • Lady banana:

Banana is sticky and it has a short shelf life. This kind of woman depends on strongly, independence is poor. Anyone who likes to rely on others and doesn’t like to make decisions by himself will become a burden to others.

They listen to their parents at home and obey their husbands after marriage.

They are usually timid. Marriage is the fulcrum of their lives. A good fate can cling to the life of the husband, bad fate will be abandoned. They are insecure.

Learn to be independent.

  • Lady strawberry:

These women are confident, charming and dreamy.

They believe in love from the bottom of their hearts and devote themselves to the pursuit of perfect love. They are very emotional and dreamy.

Remember, your downside is impatience.

  • Lady pineapple:

This kind of woman has a large figure and makes people want to rely on her. Pineapple is a nice color, but it has spines all over it. It can only be viewed from a distance.

This kind of woman pursues freedom, mutual respect, and a certain amount of personal space. For them, marriage is a sweet burden.

Excessive self-protection may be lose good relationship. They rarely get the love they want if they don’t take the initiative. Men don’t marry them willingly, but then they find out it worth. They can take care of the house and give advice to men.

Inferiority is your enemy.

  • Lady kiwi:

This type of woman is usually soft and hard. A great heart covers under a common appearance.

  • Lady mango:

Mango is very cute, but the flesh is small while the core is big. This type of woman is very strong and pursues a strong feeling. Strong independence and even self – willed. They are vigorous and resolute. They should be the first in everything and not lose to men. They are good for relationships and don’t care about gossip.